Sharing has never been easier!

X39 Connect is the mobile app that allows you to share all about LifeWave patches in a comfortable way, and keeps it tied to your personal contact information.

Remember "the old days" when you would share a catalog or flyer with your business card stapled to it?

Well, those days may be on hold right now, but X39 Connect gives you a no-touch alternative with a ton of extra benefits!

Your personal app allows you to share your story and stay connected with more people as you build relationships to help more people improve their health with LifeWave.
  • The user can connect with you directly from the app
  • ​Easily sharing via text allows capture of contact information
  • X39 Benefits, Testimonials, and Science
  • Sharable info for ALL LifeWave products
  • ​Personal contact info is easy to update if it changes
  • Optional Free Sample offer with requests emailed directly to you
At this time, the X39 Connect App is available for authorized users only.  To begin setup, enter the password on the next screen.