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Welcome to X39 Connect

I talk to a lot of people who are interested in LifeWave and "Want to know more".  They are often skeptical of the science (just like I was at first), and sometimes it can be awkward asking for their contact information without feeling salesy.  

So I designed and built this app that lets me send them more info and get their contact details at the same time.  And I added just enough of the science so they can read it themselves without bouncing around the internet and possibly getting incorrect information.  

And now I'm ready to share it with you!  If you were given the access code and have reached this screen, you are an important member of my team and I want to make sure that you have the best tools to share our patches with the people you interact with.

X39 Connect is really designed to help build better relationships with our customers by providing them the information they want in an app that is the same high quality as the patches we love so much.

Kathy Booker
LifeWave Senior Director
You must have a few questions...
How does this app work?
By customizing a template with your personal contact information, we will create your very own mobile app that you can use to share information, and you can share the entire app with others by sending your link to their phone.  Next, they can share your information with others as well - and on, and on!  Everyone interested in patches will be able to contact you directly through the app with just one click.  This will lead to new and stronger relationships and give your customers an easy way to stay in touch.
What are the qualifications to get started?
1. You must be part of my binary downline. Your membership ID will be used for verification.
2. You must have reached the rank of Manager or higher. 
3. You must be an Active LifeWave Distributor. Accounts that do not have active status will not be set up in this app.
What does X39 Connect cost?
That's the best part - it is FREE!  As long as you meet the qualifications above, there is no cost to you.  
How do I get the app?
Just fill out a form with your personal information, and my magical elves will build your personal app and deliver it back to you in about a day.  Then you simply add your own photos and you are ready to go!  

But before I give you the form, please take the time to gather the data you will need - I've given you a list below and this will make the process much easier for you.  Here is what the process looks like:
Gathering Data
Please have the following information ready when you start.
You will be able to edit this information later in the app on your phone, but it is much easier to type it in here than it will be to finger-tap it in later.
  • LifeWave Username and ID number - Your ID number can be found in your back office when you click your name at the top right of your screen.
  • Your Website - Do you have a website that you want to send people to?  This is different from your LifeWave store. This field is optional.
  • "About Me" - A few lines of text that introduces who you are. 
  • "My LifeWave Story" - Share an interesting story about how you came to LifeWave, your results from patching, or the story of results you are getting with others.  
  • Social Media - You will be asked to select up to 4 social platforms that you wish to share, and will need to have the web links or usernames available so that we can link to them.  Please be specific if you don't have the link, especially if you have a common name - it can be difficult to figure out which "Mary Smith" you are on Facebook 😉
And that's it - are you ready to start?